The Center for Astonishing Light
I wish I could show you, when you are lonely or in darkness, the astonishing light of your own being.
— Hafiz

There’s a life inside you that’s bottled up.

Underneath the thickness of your suppressed emotions and unclear patterns is the possibility of precious presence and astonishing light—but you wouldn’t know it the first day we meet.

By the time we cross paths you might be able to have sex or take a drug or hear a song and be moved, but the fluidity of your system is completely choked off and disconnected.

You’ll see the effects of this in your passions, your relationships, and your health—or the lack of passion, strong relationships, or health in your life.


About Steve Flynn

It’s just not true that you are excluded from experiencing lasting happiness.

But using talk therapy, reading books, and even meditating as a way to access emotions through the thinking mind is like trying to empty a swimming pool with a teaspoon. That’s why it’s been so hard.

I’m Steve Flynn, and I created The Center for Astonishing Light to provide the earthy, grounded tools for humanity I have mastered in my 45+ years of training, in as many ways as possible.

The Center, flourishing online and from my Austin, TX home, is here to support you in fully integrating your emotional body and so you can experience living—in this life—as the astonishing light you are.

Individual sessions, couples sessions, & group work can include training in any number of tools in my arsenal—my Tools for Humanity—including:


Gestalt Therapy


Reichian Therapy




Tai Chi & Qigong


Light & Sound Meditation


ROLFING Body Therapy



In their own words


My life is radically different than when I began working with Steve…

It looks nothing like I would have imagined. It’s better than I could have guessed, yet looks much more ordinary than expected.

I am now a joyous, happy, balanced, and present man the majority of the time, and I honestly truly love who I am, and who I am continuing to discover myself to be.

I can accredit Steve’s council and guidance with the level of happiness, joy, and balance my life has obtained. I have worked with him for over 4 years now and he is hands down the most emotionally intuitive person I have ever worked with.

—Simon Carlson, MD, Neuroradiology, Johns Hopkins Hospital


Are you serious about looking at what’s blocking you?

Are you wanting to strengthen your tender, uncomfortable spots? Are these things you’re willing to feel? You won’t be alone… but are you willing?

We’re all just walking each other home.
— Ram Dass